Wednesday 16 April 2014


pretty is not always beautiful

Ever wondered how did you feel when you looked your own reflection in the mirror for the first time as a kid ? Of course, you don’t. You were so small back then. Observe a child and get to know. The curiosity of who is there the other side and the […]

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8 high-demand jobs that require little schooling

These jobs are high on demand but short on educational requirements. When choosing a career, you want to be sure that it’s not one that will disappear in a few years. You probably also don’t want to spend an eternity in school. Fortunately, there are jobs out there that meet […]

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ingenious teen’s home-built backhoe toy works like the real thing

The video below has been around for a few months, but I just came across it and it’s astounding. Check out this Brazilian teen’s scratch-built model backhoe. Using plastic syringes and silicon tubing, he’s created a miniature hydraulic system that functions the same exact way as the mechanism inside a real […]

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teen surfing girl, 15, rides waves for 1,000 consecutive days and counting

California’s Meg Roh, a straight-A student, may continue streak beyond 3 years For Meg Roh, surfing is more than a passion. It’s part of everyday life, as routine as breakfast and homework. The 15-year-old from Southern California recently caught waves for the 1,000th consecutive day, achieving a milestone that few, […]

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15 colleges with powerhouse entrepreneurship programs

The nation’s top entrepreneurs don’t come from one place — not one Ivy, one city or one incubator. Sure, schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University have a reputation for churning out revolutionary ideas and battle-tested founders, but top-flight companies sprout from universities and entrepreneurship programs all across the country. […]

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9 unbelievably simple steps for perfect make-up

A selection of the most simple approaches to the most striking make-up you can hope to achieve. Suitable for beginners, pros, or anyone looking to learn the secrets of great make-up quickly. Check out this info graphic for some tips – a cheat sheet-  on every aspect of make-up from […]

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7.5 foot tall high school basketball player is kind of a big deal

Tacko Fall is kind of a big deal. Actually, he’s a really big deal — 7’5″, to be exact. And he’s only in high school. The Internet met Fall this week after his highlights reel (watch above) hitYouTube. The video has since been viewed more than 250,000 times, and for good reason: […]

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stories about the ‘teacher that shaped your future’

It’s no easy task to get — and maintain — the attention of a gaggle of children, tweens or teens in the classroom, especially today with smartphones and social media vying for mindshare. It can be hard to get these kids to engage, get them to care about the Pythagorean […]

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