Wednesday 03 September 2014


a bird’s eye tour of Apple’s huge spaceship campus

The internet is slowly being swallowed whole by an endless influx of drone videos, but sometimes they give stunning views of locations we’d never see otherwise. This time, one YouTuber strapped a GoPro Hero 3+ to a DJI Phantom 2 drone and took a peek at Apple’s upcoming “Spaceship” campus. Steve Jobs announced Apple’s second […]

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for $14,500 you can jet to college

Parents dropping their kids to college in a car stuffed with blankets and tinned food is a common sight on the streets of university towns across the world. But one company is attempting to put the bling into university travel by offering a £25,000 ($41,562) package to students wanting to […]

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13 sweet, affordable cars to take back to school

As a student, you need your car to handle a few essential tasks. It should be able to haul sports gear, get student-budget-ready gas milage, be reliable enough to avoid costly repairs, have a solid safety rating, and still stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Sure, you could […]

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Lucy Hale’s newest Hollister collection

When we chatted with Lucy Hale about her first Hollister collection earlier this summer, she said that she wanted to design transitional pieces that help her look cute while navigating all of the different projects she has going on. This newest line definitely looks up to the task, with layered sweaters, floral dresses, tulle […]

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latest gadgets for your iPhone, Galaxy, etc

There’s no shortage of photo-enhancing tools for aspiring smartphone photographers. Few, however, are as thoughtful, well-designed, and downright useful as Moment’s new line of external lenses. Slap a super-thin metal plate to the back of your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, or Nexus device, and let the company’s 18mm wide-angle and 60mm telephoto lenses ($99 each) do wonders […]

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date a girl who reads

“You should date a girl who reads  Date a girl who reads.  Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes, who has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who […]

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Bethany Mota’s fall Aéropostale collection

Doing some back to school shopping this weekend? Well, good news! YouTube star Bethany Mota’s newest collection for Aéropostale launched today in stores and online, and it might be the best one yet. Just look at these campaign images! Bethers is rocking an amazing fringe-y cardigan and super-cute animal-print dress! And that cat-ear beanie? […]

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13 unusual detention notes

We’ve all tried to come up with some good excuses for whatever we’ve done in high school. Plenty of those excuses were lame attempts to get out of detention but failed miserably. Not that this has ever happened to you, I’m just saying it could. If it happens to you […]

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