Saturday 23 August 2014


motorized roller skates that make 12 mph feel absolutely terrifying

Here’s the first thing I learned when riding a pair of RocketSkates: 12 mph might seem slow, but strap a pair of motorized roller skates to your feet and that speed becomes instantly terrifying. After a quick tutorial, I donned on these hefty electric skates, pushed off, heard the motor […]

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advice to my teenage self, revisiting teenage dreams 10 years later

School Alums Watch Video Messages They Made Ten Years Before One great way to make yourself cringe is to watch video of yourself as a teenager. If only you could go back in time and give yourself a little advice to ease the way forward. Young adults from the York […]

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cherishing the “present”

Let’s live in the moment We humans are weird. We tend to search and look for things that makes us rethink everything about life and then lose our moment of happiness. One such reason is longing for the past or being afraid of the future. We have quite forgotten how […]

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8 iconic back to school looks for a major outfit inspiration

Preparing to go back to school can be really stressful. You’re thinking about navigating unfamiliar hallways, finding all of your long-lost friends, and avoiding embarrassing yourself in inevitably awkward getting-to-know-you ice breakers. The last thing you need to worry about is what you’re going to wear. So, in an effort […]

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Lightmode electroluminescent helmets

Serving double duty as a fashion accessory and safety gear, LightMode’s electroluminescent motorcycle helmets look like they’re right out of the world of Tron. Riding at night is dangerous business, and anything we can do to decrease the odds of a collision – we’re all for. Seeing that helmets are the highest point […]

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14 year-old mountain biker Finn Iles wins World Championships

Finn Iles belies his age, wins Whip-Off title 14-year-old mountain biker was deemed too young to enter the 2014 World Championships, but social media #LetFinnIn push pressured organizers to relent Finn Iles has some serious mountain biking skills, but at age 14 he was deemed too young to compete in […]

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11 back to school tips from some famous slackers

Students, rejoice — it’s time to prep for back to school. While it might make sense to take tips from Hermione or Rory Gilmore on decorating your notebooks and cramming your summer reading list in a last-minute Netflix marathon, sometimes it’s the rebels without a care (for the periodic table) who really have […]

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the masks we all wear

We wear it when we are out with people to be acceptable and loved in the society. We wear it among our loved ones because we don’t want to hurt them.We change it all the time according to the situations.Our Facebook profiles tell others that we are happier than we […]

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