Thursday 02 October 2014


Wired: gadgets & gear they love

One of the best parts of our jobs here at WIRED is that we get to test all the new things as soon as they come out. That’s what we’ve gathered here—things we’ve been testing and love, or the stuff from our lives that we own and never want to […]

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10 things every girl should know before going to college

I fight like a girl. I take garbage to the curb like a girl. I pack like a girl. These are things I learned while growing up in Philadelphia with an older brother. When we were young, he would regularly convince me to take on the tasks my mom assigned […]

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8 popular games that kill your phone battery

It’s all fun and games until your smartphone battery dies. Whether you’re passing time or procrastinating, mobile games offer endless hours of entertainment. But with advanced graphics, special effects and more, games can sharply cut your device’s battery life and quietly eat up your data plan. From Angry Birds to Candy Crush Saga, many of the culprits […]

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NY principal joins student for epic laser-cat yearbook photo

The New York principal who went all in when a student wanted to pose with his cat in the school yearbook by joining him in the laser-background photo with her own pet Chihuahua says she too didn’t want to see another one of her boring headshots in the school yearbook. […]

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10 high quality drugstore finds

Drugstores aren’t what they used to be—and I mean that in a good way. From CVS to Walgreens to Duane Reade, American drugstores seem to be catching up to their French brethren in skincare, makeup and hair products. Take my neighborhood Duane Reade: the store carries your standard Maybelline and […]

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funny video: 50 ways Superman could beat Batman in a fight

Batman may be infinitely cooler than Superman but let’s not kid around here, a Batman vs Superman fight isn’t even a contest. Pound for pound, power for power, Superman would destroy Batman. So instead of making a full Batman vs Superman movie, they should just show the different ways Superman could kill […]

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12 great reactions to the iPhone 6 “bend feature”

If you want to see some great images in response to the new iPhone 6 Plus “bend gate” check out some of the funnier ones below:   – Bend it like Beckham – Salvador Dali version See them all at the link below:

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9 great iPhone 6 cases

Earlier this week, we asked you to help us sort through the (significant) muck for the best iPhone 6 cases you’ve seen thus far. We’ve already had a look at the 6 Plus players out there, but this particular bounty was far more plentiful. By virtue of being made for a smaller […]

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