Saturday 25 October 2014


16 sinister Halloween makeup tutorials to scare you out of your skin

For the lazy trick-or-treater, dressing up for Halloween means tossing a sheet on your head and calling it a day. For Alexys Fleming, it means makeup — layers upon layers of creepy and colorful makeup. The 21-year-old artist has made a name for herself on YouTube as host ofMadeYewLook, a series of […]

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Charli XCX surprises at school homecoming dance

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Singer Charli XCX took a break from touring Wednesday night to perform at an unlikely venue: a high school gymnasium. The chart-topping 22-year-old pop star delivered the tunes “I Love It,” ”Fancy” and “Boom Clap” to a crowd of excited high school students at Aspire Pacific […]

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got $2,000 to blow on an iPhone case? get the Gresso Titanium

If you’re really worried about iPhone 6 bending, you might want to take a look at the strongest case produced for Apple’s latest smartphone iteration. Meet the Gresso titanium iPhone 6 case. Putting its money where its mouth is, this case pretty much guarantees that #bendgate will become nothing but […]

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cell phones + teen driving = a deadly mix

The No. 1 cause of death among teenagers is no longer drinking and driving — it’s distracted driving. Nearly every teen now has a cell phone, and texting and talking on cell phones while driving is a nationwide problem — recent studies show that more than 3,000 teens in 2012 […]

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The Possible Project: a Makerspace for teen entrepreneurs

An after school program campaigns for funds to provide students with a cutting-edge, hands-on learning environment In a world where even a college degree seems to be barely enough to start a successful career path of any kind, entry into the workforce now demands a worthy skill set and competitive […]

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Rise Of The Jack OLanterns 2014 02

5,000 carved pumpkins at Rise of the Jack-o’-Laterns

The Great Pumpkin can’t hold a (tea-light) candle to these Jack-o’-Lanterns. The RISE of the Jack-o’-Lanterns in Westbury, New York puts on a stunning display of more than 5,000 professionally carved pumpkins. And that doesn’t even include the replacements carved each week — since, you know, pumpkins tend to rot. The intricate […]

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PhotoMath: students best new friend is the teacher’s nightmare

Touted as the world’s first camera calculator and launched last week, PhotoMath is an app that uses text recognition technology to solve simple math equations. But PhotoMath doesn’t stop at just solving the equation, it also provides step-by-step instructions explaining how it got to the answer. PhotoMath can solve arithmetic […]

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how did Mo’ne Davis star in Chevy commercial but retain amateur status?

Mo’ne Davis made a name for herself during this year’s Little League World Series, and the 13-year-old Philadelphia native parlayed her relatively newfound fame into a Chevy sponsorship. Despite being paid to appear in a commercial for the auto company, Davis has retained her amateur status because the money was […]

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