Friday 31 October 2014


college students trust Snapchat despite hack

Snapchat may have security vulnerabilities but that’s not deterring one of the app’s biggest demographics: college students. A new study found that most students still trust the service and haven’t changed their use of the app since the hack, that resulted in nearly 100,000 private user photos and videos being published […]

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6 expert tricks for getting the best candy this Halloween

Your kids may be content with a few fun-size Snickers and tiny boxes of Nerds, but if you’re looking for quality candy and lots of it, you need a PhD-level strategy. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—we talked to a bunch of academics* to create this greed-is-good guide to landing more […]

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paying for college: dealing with the financial aid letter, get more money from your school

College is all about new experiences and teachable moments—but before that, most students have to learn a whole new language just to figure out how to pay for it in the first place. FAFSA? EFC? Subsidized loans? Federal grants? Private loans? Disbursement? No wonder the line at your university’s Financial […]

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Wisconsin high school runner disqualified for carrying competitor across finish line

When Teagan Monfils looks back at her high school cross country running record, she will forever have a DQ, or disqualification, next to one important race. That DQ mark will, however, as her coach says, have “one heck of a bold asterisk by it.” Monfils, a junior at Shawano High […]

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25 stunning photos of the great outdoors

From snowcapped mountains to sleepy city streets at dawn, the world is filled with awe-inspiring landscapes just waiting to be discovered. Wired partnered with Olympus for this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, and asked you to send your most breathtaking photos of the great outdoors. Your submissions were outstanding, and included everything from surfboards and sunsets […]

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52 best colleges in America Period! when considering everything

Picking the right college can be a difficult, confusing experience. If you are a high school student, or the parent of a high school student, and you seek advice from, say, a guidance counselor, that person is likely to wax about academics, stress the importance of reputation, and give other […]

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11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance

The documentary Citizenfour, which debuted to a limited release on Friday, offers the closest look yet at Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed the National Security Agency spying scandal. In the film, Snowden and the journalists he works with go to great lengths to shield their correspondence from unwanted eyes. Though Laura Poitras‘ film […]

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brilliant transport safety ad ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is back

Metro Trains in Melbourne is back at it again, with a sequel to its hugely popular “Dumb Ways To Die” campaign. On Oct. 23, the company released a teaser for their second game “Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games”, in which players will have to save the characters from […]

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