Wednesday 23 April 2014


riding a wild horse

“Why worry about things you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you?” ~Unknown We all want to feel like we’re in control of our life and are masters of our destiny.Think of a time when things started to feel out of control […]

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teens invent new ketchup bottle cap to prevent watery results

It’s a problem we’ve all faced. Just when your omelet or burger is ready for a quick hit of ketchup before digging in, it happens: watery ketchup. The horror! Unlike the rest of us, two Kansas City, Mo., teenagers were not willing to settle for anything less than perfect tomato […]

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high school senior kicked out of prom for wearing red skinny jeans

Cherryville, NC (WBTV) - According to a senior at Cherryville High School, a pair of her red skinny jeans got her kicked out of her Senior Prom and has started a bit of a controversy at the school since. “In a way it’s kind of a slap in the face,” said […]

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track down your missing iPhone with ‘lost mode’

You swear you just had your tablet. It was in your backpack like, 10 seconds ago. OK, um, well, you definitely had it at the coffee shop this morning. Crap. You left your tablet at the coffee shop. Nothing can help the gut-wrenching despair you’ll feel when you realize you’ve […]

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Iggy Azalea performs ‘Fancy’ on Good Morning America

With her debut The New Classic in stores today, Iggy Azalea celebrated with a visit to “Good Morning America.” The Aussie rap sensation recreated the Clueless-inspired video, transforming the Times Square studio into a high school while performing her hit single “Fancy” with Charli XCX. She also spoke about her journey from a small town in Australia […]

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this ‘Oculus Rift’ game will scare the crap out of you

You wake up and find yourself in a dark forest in the middle of the night. You walk around looking for someone, with only the light of a few lamp posts to guide your way. You come across a small cabin that’s lit from within. As you walk up to […]

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ultra-realistic drawing shows amazing skills of a 16-year old girl

This is not a black and white photo but a pencil illustration by 16-year-old Shania McDonagh based on a photo of James Fennell. It took her a month to complete and made her win the Texaco Children’s Art Competition in Ireland. Shania—who has been drawing for “as long as she could remember”—says she spends […]

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Best American high schools, 2014

Public education endures a lot of criticism over standardized tests, dropout rates and ill-prepared graduates. While the negative headlines could be discouraging for parents choosing a high school for their teen, great things are happening in classrooms across the country. The 2014 Best High Schools rankings, released today, can help parents identify standout schools in their […]

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