Sunday 01 February 2015


17 ways to pay for & afford college without student loans

Attending college while not essential, can give graduates a financial boost that will benefit them throughout their lives. The U.S. Census has determined that the average college graduate makes $19,550 more per year than the average high school grad.

Furthermore, the Pew Research Center stated that even after deducting time spent not earning money while in college, as well as the associated costs, the average college graduate earns a whopping $550,000 more than a high school graduate over a 40-year career.

Clearly, the financial investment of going to college and getting a degree is worthwhile. Yet, the average college graduate also leaves college with $23,000 in student loan debt, which can be a heavy financial burden to bear!

However, it does not have to be this way. Using innovative strategies, a student can graduate from college without thousands of dollars worth of debt.

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check out the the original article from Money Crashers, written by Melissa Batai

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