Wednesday 17 September 2014


5 new Apple products coming out in 2013

How will Apple (AAPL) follow up a 2012 lineup that included two new tablets, a new notebook and a new phone? Analysts Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton of Piper Jaffray took a stab at predicting what used to be unpredictable: Apple’s product calendar. Their report includes a number of not-so-prominent product upgrades, which lead Piper’s analysts to the conclusion that 2013 “will set the stage for bigger changes in the product lineup in 2014 and beyond.” But even a slow year from Apple tends to turn some heads. Here are five possible Apple products to look for in 2013.

1) Apple Radio (March 2013)

2) iPad Mini with retina display (March 2013)

3) iOS (June 2013)

4) iPhone 5S (June 2013)

5) Apple TV (November 2013)

Not just the digital receiver box already available as Apple TV — an actual Apple Television. The timing would make sense, right before the holiday season, but not all Apple followers are convinced a TV will actually hit the market in 2013.

check out the the original article from Yahoo! via Fortune, written by Kurt Wagner, Fortune

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