Friday 30 January 2015


can digital games boost students’ test scores?

In the past few years, educators have been closely watching the evolution of digital games used for learning. With a huge influx of products — whether they’re individual apps for tablets or an entire suite of software — the market is already big and continues to grow, with entire game-based schools cropping up across the country.

There’s no question students are interested in digital games – 97 percent of kids play them — but what educators and industry watchers want to know is whether playing those games can actually improve student achievement.

A new SRI study released today suggests they do — at least in the subjects of science, math, engineering, and technology. According to the report, which is an analysis of 77 peer-reviewed journal articles of students K-16 studying STEM subjects, “when digital games were compared to other instruction conditions without digital games, there was a moderate to strong effect in favor of digital games in terms of broad cognitive competencies.”

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