Wednesday 28 January 2015


lady gaga’s ‘hero’ stops teen bullying and hate

An Interview by Denise Restauri, Contributer to Forbes

Lady Gaga said, “Emily-Anne, I wish there were more in the world like you dolly.” When asked who her idol is, Lady Gaga responded: “Emily-Anne is my hero.” Emily-Anne Rigal aka Schmiddlebopper is the 18-year-old founder and director of, a non-profit movement of ‘Boppers’ – teens around the world dedicated to ending bullying by raising ‘teen-esteem’ and encouraging all teens to love themselves and spread the love.

When Emily-Anne was 10 years old she was bullied because of her weight. She switched schools to survive, and for the first time she had real friends who were genuine and kind. But she never forgot the pain she experienced and wanted to help others who were suffering.

Read the rest of the interview by clicking original article below and/or watch Emily-Anne’s interview below.

check out the the original article from Forbes, written by Denise Restauri

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